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A two component 100% solids epoxy coating that can help control moisture vapor emission rates up to 20 lb/ 24hr/ 1000 sq. feet. From the additives this primer can be used prior to the application of any EZ-POXY system where moisture transmission is an issue.

One of the additives that can definitely add some amazing effects while gaining functionality.

EZ-Grout is designed to take your current tile to the next level. No more dealing with cleaning grout or smell from grout.

A phosphorescent vinyl flake broadcasted into a clear 100% solid epoxy top coat. The phosphorescent flake absorbs light when exposed to it and reemits the light once light sources are gone.

EZ-Glow packs a huge WOW factor. Turn the lights off and watch your floor or project GLOW! Out of all other additives, the only one that provides a firefly effect.

EZ-Shimmer adds some sparkle to your floor. Very cool additives that take any surface and makes it EXTRAORDINARY! A polyester glitter additive that is incorporated into an epoxy top coat to produce a one of a kind effect.


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Polaroids of ez-outdoor coating samples