Warehouse / Logistics

Warehouse / Logistics

We have encountered many different needs warehouses may face and we have an answer for every one of them! Unsealed concrete slabs are vulnerable to abrasion and heavy release of concrete surface layer often called dusting. Heavy loads and frequent traffic increase the vulnerability and cause deterioration and cracking leaving a once beautiful slab a bumpy, dusty mess.


Warehouses require strong, abrasion-resistant flooring that can withstand heavy loads, fork lift traffic, and other industry specific needs.

Thermal cycling of concrete is a big concern for warehousing many food and beverage items that require a floor coating system to be able to withstand the drastic temperature fluctuations of such an environment.  Warehouses that typically drag pallets and heavy items across will need a high strength aggregate epoxy coating system that can handle extreme abuse. A warehouse for growing herbs may simply want to eliminate concrete dusting and enjoy the benefit of increased visibility and brightness that comes with an epoxy floor coating system. While some environments will be more dangerous and require a floor coating system ready to handle volatile, toxic, or corrosive chemicals and provide an environment designed to store said chemicals.


Floor Coating Systems for Every Need!

Forklift traffic is a part of managing goods in a warehouse that can’t be avoided, however they can be dangerous. Creating safety walkways and forklift zones with custom tinted epoxy coating systems greatly decreases the risk of an accident or tragedy. Slip resistance is critical for areas where foot traffic is common and mitigates any risk of injury due to a fall. Safety color or custom color tinted coatings control the flow of traffic and ensure compliance with safety regulations.


Flooring Solutions to Enhance Worker Safety!

Epoxy floor coating systems and other high performance resinous flooring systems installed over the concrete substrate can repair concrete deterioration or surface damage while enhancing the compressive strength, impact resistance and load-bearing capacity. Incorporating different additives and functionalities of your epoxy floor coating system.

A beautiful, seamless surface that can withstand the abuse of industrial operations while increasing productivity and safety!

A seamless floor coating system with a high performance top coat is the only real flooring option for any environment where animals are cared for. Here a flooring system must look great, be strong enough for heavy abuse, and ensure proper control of bacteria, odors, and waste.

The only option is a seamless floor coating system!

There are many coating systems that will handle the consistent abuse that animals inflict upon a floor while offering many benefits that traditional systems simply can’t provide. One standout benefits that epoxy flooring and other fluid-applied resinous flooring systems provide is a seamless surface free from seams or cracks. These seams and cracks are places where dirt, grime, bacteria, and other microbes love to hangout. This produces a funky and smelly space where bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants will flourish.

Full Flake Epoxy System

High Build Epoxy System

Metallic / Reflector Epoxy System

Stain with Clear Epoxy System

Overlay with Stain and Clear Epoxy System

Whether you are a veterinary office, animal shelters, pet training facility, or simply a pet owner, a flooring system that is beautiful as well as strong enough to hold up to the abuse of claws or hooves, heavy weight, and long periods of chemicals in urine. This combination of functionality and design is a specialty of ours and we have the perfect system for whatever your need is.

Antibacterial, vertical systems, custom colors, and many additives choices will make your floor great!

Epoxy and other resinous flooring systems can be custom designed to meet your facility’s unique demands. Whether you need a fast turnaround, slip resistance, vertical areas for wash downs, or simply have a custom concept or need in mind, we are here to provide the absolute best customer service and materials to make ensure that your concept becomes a reality.

Superior Level of Customer Support!


Health Floor

Health Floor

Our bodies know when we come in contact with a hard surface or a comfortable. We either feel a hard immovable surface, or a surface that provides comfort and cushion. When we experience a surface we instinctually know whether it is good for our bodies or not. The compounding effects of our bodies experiencing a hard surface a hard to ignore. Our bodies will begin crying out with pain trying to tell us to make a change. In a world concrete it can be very hard to find the comfort our body truly needs. If we were traveling through the desert we wouldn’t hope to find water there, we would be sure to bring plenty of water with us. Walking through a world of concrete means we better bring our comfort with us. We typically do this with the shoes we place on our feet, but even then comfort isn’t always found. Here at EZ-POXY we like our comfort to be over our entire floor, a health floor to be exact. Our pre-finished panels can be free floating or glued in place. We also offer custom installations for a one a kind seamless floor. We combine the magic of traditional fluid applied chemical coating systems with a thick comfortable foam substrate to produce a truly remarkable new product with so many applications. Please let us know if we can help you or anyone you know with a health floor. #ezpoxy #healthfloor

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When we fall down

When we fall down

What do you want to fall on? We all fall down. Some of us more than others. In fact we fall down lots when we are young. The neural pathways, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are still  forming while we learn this new skill that the big people seem to do so easily.  The new skill we develop will allow us to leave point a and get to point b more quickly. No longer do we have to crawl on all fours, but we get to walk then run! Luckily for most of us this body we are given is strong and up for the new task.

However, as we age our bodies can become less and less suited to perform this task we so often take for granted. The pain involved or the thought of falling can be enough to keep us seated for if we do fall, perhaps it will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This thought saddens my soul as I think of the elderly people in my life and also my own aging body. My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered injury after a fall. All too often this sad thought is a reality for some of those that we love the most. Although we can’t stop someone from falling, we do have the power to make sure they are standing on something soft if they do. EZ-POXY health floors are here to do just that. No longer will a hard surface be acceptable as the norm. Take one step across an EZ-POXY health floor and you will realize why we believe in it so much!  A new patent pending technology that combines custom formulated epoxy coating systems with soft giving foam to help create a better tomorrow for us all.  #ezpoxy  #healthfloor

Please let us know if we can help you or anyone you know walk with comfort instead of fear ~ the EZPOXY team

If we can help...