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Commercial Orders

The Challenge

It is not easy nowadays to be able to offer the highest quality product at the most competitive costing. This is particuraly hard for our industry as knowledge can only truly come due to experience. However, it is a real challenge in any field where business competes for the top dollar and a customer competes for a lowest price possible while making a room for negotiations slimmer.

The Solution

Hence, what we decided to do is offer highest quality flooring systems and individual products finally for a fair price. Consequently, we have also created a program, commercial orders, which allows us to give discounts on larger projects or bulk orders, create discounts in the system for future orders, and we created a profit sharing initiative to give back. Most of all we want to see everyone succeed!



save time and money with highest quality  materials that also solve problems




we make it EZ and you or customer can design / pay online 



we ship worldwide while you can  order per job, carry inventory, or distribute online



receive discount code while sharing with others in need and earn

Your Process

to register with us for discounted pricing on bulk orders and commercial orders

Once you have completed registration, please shoot us an email letting us know which materials you would like to purchase and in what quantities. Consequently we will customize pricing for you asap. Also distributors and established customer relationships will be given custom set pricing in account for continued ease of purchase.

step 1

Visit our store and see what individual coatings and other products you need.

step 2

Create a user account through submitting your information on a business form.

step 3

Contact us so we know which materials you are interested in and in what volumes; in addition we will provide you with discount pricing for that order and have ability to set custom pricing for your account for future orders.

Interested In Working With Us?

commercial orders offer big discounts. Sky's the limit