EZ-Give flooring system is approved by Thor


21st Century FLOORING



The floor is where you will want to be!

Thor approved EZ-Give with hammer test




A designer’s dream. Imagine what your floor could look like…


Standing many hours on hard floors will cause you to develop discomfort in muscles and joints.  EZ-Give protects your body from that

Thor approves EZ-Give with glass drop



From solid colors with a little movement to several colors with lots! EZ-Give doesn’t disappoint. 



Seamless surface will save you time & effort while being surgically clean.

Thor approves EZ-Give with glass drop test



Indoor or Outdoor / Work or Play 

Thor approves EZ-Give with bouncing the ball

Support your joints and muscles while helping your body function without extra strenuous pressure from the floors underneath your feet. EZ-Give offers next level support to you and your body through the use of our latest flooring technology. What that means is when you look at the surface of the floor, you will see a seamless floor with a hard appearance. But when you step on EZ-Give, your feet will dive in and will be supported by an extra layer of cushion. We just love the feeling of standing on these floors and guarantee you will too!

Design your system

Inspire EZ-Give

EZ-Give is a versatile flooring system that can be installed anywhere you would like to have a seamlessly clean environment with added support and give for your body, as well as appealing to an eye.

Retirement home – outdoor sidewalks – gymnasium – exercise area – kitchen floor – office floors – veterinarian office – preschool – playroom – workout floors – yoga studio – living spaces