Our bodies know when we come in contact with a hard surface or a comfortable. We either feel a hard immovable surface, or a surface that provides comfort and cushion. When we experience a surface we instinctually know whether it is good for our bodies or not. The compounding effects of our bodies experiencing a hard surface a hard to ignore. Our bodies will begin crying out with pain trying to tell us to make a change. In a world concrete it can be very hard to find the comfort our body truly needs. If we were traveling through the desert we wouldn’t hope to find water there, we would be sure to bring plenty of water with us. Walking through a world of concrete means we better bring our comfort with us. We typically do this with the shoes we place on our feet, but even then comfort isn’t always found. Here at EZ-POXY we like our comfort to be over our entire floor, a health floor to be exact. Our pre-finished panels can be free floating or glued in place. We also offer custom installations for a one a kind seamless floor. We combine the magic of traditional fluid applied chemical coating systems with a thick comfortable foam substrate to produce a truly remarkable new product with so many applications. Please let us know if we can help you or anyone you know with a health floor. #ezpoxy #healthfloor

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