Epoxy and other resinous flooring systems are fluid-applied and seamless which provides a superior level of cleanliness. Bacteria and microbes are continually being brought into a hospital. Here the bacteria collects and grows in cracks, grout lines, or simply anywhere that will allow them to flourish where they will cause foul odors and increased pathogens. The answer to this constant problem is to have a resin or epoxy based flooring system with an antimicrobial additive in the high performance top coat. This can be integrated with any of our coating systems and still allows for a surface that is easily and quickly cleaned.

A seamless, fluid applied floor system is the absolute only option for healthcare!

Many hospitals have a full staff just to keep their floors looking nice. At least once a day buffers are going waxing aged floors trying to help them keep looking good and hold a shine. Epoxy and other seamless floor coating systems minimize the amount of maintenance a floor will need while consistently shining.

Waxing is a thing of the past with a seamless floor coating system.

We can no longer ignore that a portion of a patient’s experience has to do with the environment they are in. The wide variety of solid colors, decorative flakes, custom aggregates allow for your custom concept or design to come to life. Incorporating graphics, multiple colors, and unique designs will allow you to direct the flow of traffic and intuitively inform or instruct customers.

Warm colors, embedded fun graphics, and a clean feel will help keep people in an optimistic mental state.