I walk out of my hotel’s front door, and I know exactly where I want to go because of the GRAPHICS in your sidewalks. They allow me to easily NAVIGATE myself around the city; I know exactly where I am and where local points of interest are. The concrete changes colors as I move from one neighborhood to the next which makes me feel very eager to see what fun facts I can learn while walking this next neighborhood.

Imagine the possibilities for the concrete in you city!


Wow, your city’s bike lanes glow in the dark! I see that you are ADVERTISING for local businesses and events in your sidewalks. I feel very CONNECTED to this city and all I have done is walked around. It is amazing how I typically take for granted OUTDOOR CONCRETE even though I look at it so often.

Your city has proven to me that there is untapped POTENTIAL all around us!



Municipalities have many sectors that must be managed in a cost efficient way. Sidewalks and walkways, city parks, public libraries, public educational facilities, hospitals, and government buildings all can benefit from a new of looking at a traditional problem. Fluid applied seamless floor coating systems can transform an outdated area into something state of the art and bring quite a bit of additional functionality to an area.

A New Way of Thinking About Concrete Floor Solutions Can Help Answer Many Problems A City May Face!

Another sector that can greatly benefit from a seamless floor coating system, is the sporting team partnerships a city may make. These events and the buildings and grounds that where they are held are prime locations for a custom concept and installation of an epoxy flooring system. The ability to embed graphics, create custom color blends, use special additives, and system options allow for truly uniqe experiences that can captivate visitors and make them fall for your city.

A Unique and Positive Impression Is Only The Beginning With Resinous Floor Coating Systems!