Additives Product Benefits

EZ-OUTDOOR product benefits help alleviate some of the issues associated with moisture vapor in concrete and have also been wonderful addition, as well as, stand alone solution for many industrial moisture problems. Furthermore, we suggest you use it prior to installation of traditional flooring as a result of preventing moisture transmission. 

EZ-GROUT product benefits finally make things clean where No More Dealing with dirty and smelly grout is part of the deal.

EZ-GLOW product benefits create a stunning firefly effect, hence being EZ-POXY favorite!

See at night without lights and create party atmosphere. 

EZ-SHIMMER product benefits add gleaming effect to the floors. Furthermore, simply put, they are very stunning additives that can also be added into any system!


 Depending on your preference you can also choose the appearance of your floor to be either high shine or matte in finish.

● Whatever your flooring needs are, EZ-GROUT offers smooth or slip resistant textures. Furthermore, something to keep in mind is, due to increase of texture the floor will also have more of a matte finish. In addition if you have special flooring needs we offer custom slip resistance additives as well.

● We also suggest to leave an outdoor system with a slip resistant finish, by adding slip resistant additive into a top coat. As a result, if your system is going outside, please verify that you have a vapor barrier to protect the floors. If not, then an EZ-Outdoor (Liquid Vapor Barrier Coating) will be required.  **For Outdoor Areas Where Smooth Sole Shoes Are Common, We Recommend Adding Extra Slip Resistance Into The Top Coat Of The System**


ez-shimmer palette of color options is showing product benefits



We offer color options derived from EZ-SOLID color chart and also clear in color, if you prefer. 


 Since there are multiple ways of utilizing flooring area, we recommend using LOW VOC options wherever we can, as long as there isn’t a compromise in quality. Typically the HIGHer the VOC the higher the performance of any coating is, however, what matters most of all is the difference in which materials should be used and what type of traffic your project will receive.

Therefore we suggest you use LOW VOC based primers for foot traffic areas and HIGHer VOC for vehicle and heavy traffic areas. And finally, we do recommend incorporating proper safety equipment while installing any solvent based materials for your protection.

● We offer all needed safety equipment you shall need.


Will highly benefit outdoor concrete and indoor concrete since moisture vapor penetration is a problem due to not having vapor barrier. Therefore, if your floors have no vapor barrier that has previously been installed, you shall apply EZ-OUTDOOR.


Will provide you with sanitary and weather resistant benefits where you have tiles, most of all.


Provides visual effect, therefore, your best use will be further suggested areas and where you also want to have WOW factor:

● Living Areas Warehouses ● Garages ● Lobbies ● Showrooms ● Warehouses ● Patios ● Kitchens ● Offices ● Labs ● Industrial ● Auto Dealerships ● Restaurants


Also provides visual effect, thus, your best uses will be places that could use some glimmer under feet and sparkle in the eyes:

● Living Areas Warehouses ● Garages ● Lobbies ● Showrooms ● Warehouses ● Patios ● Kitchens ● Offices ● Labs ● Industrial ● Auto Dealerships ● Restaurants ● Interior or Exterior Installations (With EZ-OUTDOOR System)  Install over concrete, wood, and even existing VCT. 

EZ-OUTDOOR contains:

● 4.5 Gallons of EZ-Outdoor, Liquid Moisture Vapor Barrier – 100% Solids (Clear)

● 1 x 18″ 3/8″ Nap Phenolic Core, Shed Resistant Roller Cover

● 2 x 2″ Chip Brushes For Cutting In

● 1 x 5 Gallon Mix and Measure Bucket


● We provide Detailed Installation Training Manual For Managing and Installing Your Project

●  Enjoy Email, Phone, Chat, and Video Support Where Needed To Make Sure Your Project Is Installed Correctly

● 3 Gallons of 100% Solids Epoxy

● 2 x 2″ Chip Brushes For Cutting In

● 1 x 1 Quart Mix and Measure Bucket

Must Have Items (However Many Customers May Already Have) are:

  • Spiked Shoes, black polypropylene shoes with spikes already in place. One size fits all – $30.00
  • 18″ Roller Frame with End Caps – $17.00
  • 6″ Roller Frame – $8.00 
  • Green Polypropylene Paint Tray with edge compartments for brushes – $19.00
  • Cast Metal Threaded Handle – 15/16″ x 72″  – $7.00 
  • 3M Chemical Respirator – $35.00, not needed if using water based products
  • Safety Chemical Goggles – $4.00
  • 1 Quart of Xylene, also superior solvent for cleaning epoxy residue – $30.00