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$1.47 / Sq Ft

EZ-MARBLE offers next level in decorative seamless aesthetics, but don’t let it fool you, this floor is very functional as well. Its marble appearance, custom colors, and special epoxy coatings are one of a kind, every time! 

$1.38 / Sq Ft

EZ-FLAKE is one of the best flooring systems around. Highly customizeable to your needs and personal taste.


$1.21 / Sq Ft

EZ-OUTDOOR is designed to take any of our EZ-POXY systems outside by adding a Liquid Vapor Barrier. This system is also used to stop moisture penetration inside, can even be used with traditional flooring systems! 

$1.09 / Sq Ft

EZ-CLEAR is a great way to provide a system that is economical, easily cleaned, keeps dust down, chemical resistant, and helps maintain concrete integrity. Clear coat is often called the “Industrial” look.

$0.34 / Sq Ft

EZ-SOLID is the most cost effective solution to quickly and effectively get a lot of the benefits of an epoxy system while providing a clean feel to your project! 


$0.97 / Sq Ft

EZ-GLOW packs a huge WOW factor. Invite your close ones. Turn music on, shades down, lights off and watch your floor or project of your choice GLOW in the dark! Really Cool Effect that you family and friends won’t forget.

Cost Varies By Project

EZ-CREATE is here after popular demand. A highly customizable kit that can allow your inner artist to come out and play.


$0.97 / Sq Ft

EZ-SHIMMER adds sparkle to your floor or project. Very cool additive that can take something simple and make it EXTRAORDINARY! Can be combined with any system to produce a very stunning finish. 

> $0.01 / Ln Ft

EZ-GROUT is designed to take your current tile to the NEXT LEVEL!

NO more dealing with CLEANING or SMELL from the grout.

$0.03 / Sq Ft

EZ-FINISH is designed to keep you with the consistent wet and shiny look you desire. Easy application and quick turnaround. Apply in the evening and walk on the next morning!

$0.08 / Ln Ft

EZ-FIX is how you easily repair cracks and holes in your concrete to ensure a perfect finished project. Immediately coat over, so no wait time, easy mixing, and EZ-Fix spreads out just like peanut butter.  

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